Trash The Dress Give-Away Winner

Our March Madness Give-Away winner chose to do a ” TRASH THE DRESS” theme. Basically, the bride gets all dressed up in her wedding gown ( after the ceremony of course) and gets to “Trash it”. Pretty cool, right? We met at the Daytona Beach Sunglow pier and quickly got to work. But the story really doesn’t really start here. This bride and groom were actually married over TWO years ago. They had a fairy tale wedding and everything was fine. When they contacted their photographer for the images, he informed this couple they were lost and no where to be found. So many tears and thousands of dollars later, Mr and Mrs Newlywed are picture-less. No documentation of the gown, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throwing, and the list goes on. So of course when I was asked to do this shoot I knew we had to really make it a special event ( as I do with all my clients). It was a great session full of laughs, water, sand and amazing memories they can now keep forever.